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October 25, 2021

A Potential Solution to China's Energy Shortage | Weekly News Roundup for October 22, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: Solving China's energy shortage may require a step backward; Vietnam looks toward recovery in manufacturing; automakers invest in battery manufacturing - and more electronics headlines from this week.

October 25, 2021 01:12 AM

October 11, 2021

Electronics in Europe: Dead, Dying, or Reviving?

Aspencore -- EETimes Europe - 2021 has seen a severe supply crunch in electronic components, particularly silicon chips and crystals. The prolonged shortage has catapulted an industry story onto the front pages. It is one thing for electronics supply managers to be...

October 11, 2021 07:36 PM

October 10, 2021

How Long Will it Take for the Chip Shortage to Ease?

Media -- Electronic Engineering Journal - I have lost count of the many times I've heard pundits and semiconductor execs say that the semiconductor industry has "finally" dispensed with the cyclic nature of the business. It must have been scores of times over the past 50 years.

October 10, 2021 09:47 PM

October 04, 2021

Sales Travel Will Continue to Be a Mixed Bag in 2022

MDM - Distribution-Trends -- Salespeople will continue to hit the road when and where they can, but distributors still need to hone their remote sales tactics.

October 04, 2021 01:16 AM

September 26, 2021

Electronics Component Shortage: A Tale of Two Decades

Aspencore -- EPS News - In 2001, there was so much excess component inventory in the supply chain that more than $13 billion worth of semiconductors alone was written down or off by component makers, distributors and customers. People still wince at the memory.


September 26, 2021 03:39 AM

Counterfeit Risk Rises When Supplies Run Short

Aspencore -- EPS News - The risk of procuring counterfeit electronics rises considerably during periods of component shortages. With semiconductor supplies remaining tight through the end of 2022, the industry faces a prolonged interval of increased risk.


September 26, 2021 03:29 AM

September 25, 2021

Bloomberg: Chip lead times reached record 21 weeks

Media -- SemiMedia - According to Bloomberg, the amount of time it's taking for chip-starved companies to get orders filled stretched to 21 weeks in August, indicating the shortages that have crippled auto production and held back growth in the electronics industry...

September 25, 2021 07:17 PM

September 22, 2021

Amazon Business Exec on How Technology Can Close the Gap Between Demand and Supply

Distribution -- Industrial Distribution - A staggering 96% of buyers plan to continue leveraging e-procurement long-term, making closing the gap between increased demand and the arrival of supply in the B2B space more important than ever.

September 22, 2021 09:30 PM

September 14, 2021

It Shouldn't Be Just Chips

Aspencore -- EETimes - The U.S. Congress and the Biden Administration are hurtling down the track toward investing billions of dollars in the domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry. But there is a flaw in their approach because they are ignoring the broader...

September 14, 2021 07:25 PM

July U.S. Wholesale Trade Sales Up 24% Year-Over-year

Distribution -- Industrial Distribution - Sequentially, July's sales mark improved 2% from June.

September 14, 2021 02:52 AM

September 10, 2021

European Enterprises Look for IoT Providers with Broad Geographic Capabilities

Business Wire -- European companies are seeking service providers with broad geographic reach to help roll out and manage their IoT networks, ISG (Nasdaq: III) says.

September 10, 2021 08:16 PM

September 08, 2021

Samsung, LG to hire thousands of employees in Vietnam

Media -- DIGITIMES - South Korea's Samsung Electronics is investing US$230 million to build a R&D center in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is expected to start operation in 2022 and hire 2,200-3,000 employees, according to VIR.

September 08, 2021 09:47 PM

August 17, 2021

Cobham to buy Ultra Electronics for 2.57bn

Media -- eeNews Europe - The Cobham Group is set to acquire UK defence electronics firm Ultra Electronics for 2.57 billion (about US$3.56 billion) in a cash deal.

Cobham made its first bid on July 21, 2021, and the deal represents a 63.1 percent premium...

August 17, 2021 05:09 PM

August 14, 2021

Up, Up And Away! European Semis Growth Tops 25% - DMASS

Distribution -- Disti Blog - With one bound the European semiconductor distribution market was free from its COVID blues.

While Q1 was still negative, Q2/21 more than compensated for it and ended up with 25.2% growth to over 2.3 Billion Euro combined distribution revenue...

August 14, 2021 07:00 PM

August 13, 2021

EDS 2021 Canceled

Aspencore -- EPS News - The board of directors for the 2021 EDS Leadership Summit has announced the event has been canceled.

In a message on ECIA's website, President and CEO David Loftus wrote:

In planning this year's EDS, the number one concern has always been the...

August 13, 2021 08:25 PM

World's Economic Outlook Negative for First Time in 2020

Life -- Gallup Headlines - The IMF recently forecast strong economic growth in 2021/2022 for advanced economies. These countries led an unprecedented rise in global pessimism about economic conditions in 2020.

August 13, 2021 04:45 AM

Connectors Sales Rose 30.7%, Semi Sales Up 24.7% in May

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - As manufacturing has recovered, sales of semiconductors and connectors rose sharply above 2020 levels. Ron Bishop details regional and global sales of connectors versus semiconductors and details potential challenges to the market.

August 13, 2021 01:49 AM

August 02, 2021

Japan's electronic component shipments increase at a record high

Media -- SemiMedia - According to statistics released by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) on July 30, the surge in demand for capacitors from Europe and the United States drove the global shipments of Japanese electronic...

August 02, 2021 04:04 PM

July 30, 2021

EV market likely to reach sweet spot in 2025-2026, says MIH CEO

Media -- DIGITIMES - The global electric vehicle (EV) market, judging from the progress in technological development, is likely to reach its sweet spot in 2025-2026, according to Jack Cheng, CEO for the MIH Alliance, a Foxconn (Hon Hai)-led open platform for developing...

July 30, 2021 03:36 PM

July 28, 2021

Component Prices Rise 10% to 40%

Aspencore -- EPS News - Increased component prices are inevitable when demand outstrips supply. But the electronics supply chain is being hammered on all sides - from materials to logistics -- with rising costs. As one freight expert put it: "In 2020 and 2021, global...

July 28, 2021 09:13 PM

July 23, 2021

Orbweaver Announces Major Release of Its DataHub Platform

Business Wire -- Today, Orbweaver Sourcing LLC, a data integration and automation company focusing on the electronics industry, announced the release of its next generation DataHub platform. The data integration tool that connects Orbweaver's clients to their customers,...

July 23, 2021 04:02 PM

July 11, 2021

Business booms for high-service distributors

Media -- Electronics Sourcing - James Carbone - Contributing Editor

An increase in design engineering activity and tight supply of chips and other components is resulting in skyrocketing sales for high-service distributors.

High-service electronics distributors...

July 11, 2021 10:34 PM

June 25, 2021

Supplyframe Announces the Launch of DesignSense Sales Intelligence

Business Wire -- Many people today shop for and research potential purchases online. Semiconductor and electronic component buyers are no exception. However, semiconductor and electronic component distributors and manufacturers have limited visibility into purchase intent...

June 25, 2021 01:47 AM

June 24, 2021

Guidehouse Insights Report Expects Global Spending on IoT for Agriculture to Grow from $8 Billion in 2021 to $26 Billion in 2030

Business Wire -- A new report from Guidehouse Insights examines the sensing and digital technologies that support IoT for smart agriculture, providing global market forecasts through 2030. Smart farming and agriculture follow the Industry 4.0 trends of leveraging...

June 24, 2021 05:03 PM

June 22, 2021

Channel Feels the Impact of Logistics Costs & Backlog

Aspencore -- EPS News - While manufacturing has rebounded from the long Covid quarantine, the supply chain has not. Logistics operations - already short-handed - are dealing with a seemingly unending series of disruptions.

And there's no relief in sight, experts say.


June 22, 2021 04:26 AM

June 07, 2021

Engineers and Retiring Trends: Does COVID-19 Play a Role?

Aspencore -- EETimes - Engineering projects are usually not a 9-to-5 endeavor, work must be completed on time, and long hours are not uncommon. Working the same job with hectic schedules can take its toll over the years and decades, leaving engineers looking forward...

June 07, 2021 04:33 PM

June 06, 2021

Big Changes Ahead For Connected Vehicles

Media -- Semiconductor Engineering - Carmakers are reworking their electronic architectures so they can tap into a growing number of external services and internal options, similar to the way a data center taps into various services over its internal network.


June 06, 2021 03:47 AM

May 27, 2021

EU Introduces Rules for "Safer" AI Systems | Weekly News Roundup for May 26, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: the European Union weighs potential risks of artificial intelligence systems; notebook and smartphone demand drives NAND flash revenue; the U.S. government looks at how to handle reshoring; Japan's passive components production...

May 27, 2021 05:52 PM

May 24, 2021

China well positioned to emerge as key player in IoT, says GlobalData

Media -- DIGITIMES - To counter the geopolitical challenge and reduce its dependence on the US, China is accelerating investment in next-generation enabling technologies. Against this backdrop, the country is well-positioned to lead in the emerging Internet of...

May 24, 2021 04:51 PM

May 22, 2021

Women in Technology Announces 22nd Annual Leadership Award Winners

Business Wire -- Women in Technology (WIT), the premier organization contributing to the success of professional women in the Washington, D.C. area technology community, announced winners of the 22nd Annual Leadership Awards at a Gala held virtually on Thursday, May 20,...

May 22, 2021 10:05 PM

Positive Outlook for Manufacturing Growth Through 2021 | Weekly News Roundup for May 19, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: manufacturing is expected to remain strong through year's end; Taiwan shows supply chain growth; why warehousing costs are still rising in the post-pandemic world - and more news headlines from the electronics industry.

May 22, 2021 07:49 PM

May 17, 2021

We Need to Keep Women in Technology

Enterprise -- Information Week - Leaders have a responsibility to keep women in tech and help cultivate their career growth. Here are a few measurable actions that can help.

May 17, 2021 12:54 AM

May 16, 2021

Junko Yoshida Bids Farewell to AspenCore

Aspencore -- Power Electronics - Junko Yoshida, our Global Editor, is leaving EE Times today.

As we all know, Junko has spent several decades at EE Times building the legacy brand of Aspencore publication and media portfolios.

We will really miss her.

May 16, 2021 11:23 PM

Au Revoir, Junko

Aspencore -- EETimes - Junko Yoshida is retiring.

She is retiring as the global editor of Aspencore, a publishing house with handful of titles, but Junko started with EE Times, spent decades here, and EE Times is still her professional passion.

This is my second stint...

May 16, 2021 11:21 PM

May 10, 2021

CES will return to Las Vegas as an in-person event in 2022

Tech -- The Verge - The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is officially returning to an in-person format in Las Vegas in 2022, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced today, marking the return of the largest tech conference in the world next year.


May 10, 2021 06:51 PM

April 15, 2021

Worldwide IT Spending Could Hit $4 Trillion This Year | Weekly News Roundup for April 14, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: Growth in industrial networks continues despite the global pandemic; shipments of desktop and notebook computers and workstations remains strong; a new shortage of this component is unlikely to impact automotive production -...

April 15, 2021 07:03 PM

April 09, 2021

Woodstock Wire Turns 20

Media -- Electronics News Post - On April 8, 2001 the first edition of the Woodstock Wire was published. Over the last 20 years the newsletter has offered the readers 497,000+ stories - all hand curated. Many thanks to the loyal [...]

April 09, 2021 02:50 AM

Electronics Industry Awards 2021: Entry deadline extended

Media -- Components in Electronics - Following feedback from across the sector, the deadline for entries in the Electronics Industry Awards has been extended to Friday 30 April.

The extension to the deadline will allow businesses from across the electronics market...

April 09, 2021 02:45 AM

April 07, 2021


Media -- eBOM - Some distributors say their sales to the automotive supply chain are rising because of semiconductor shortages, rising electronic content in cars and the trend towards electric vehicles.

Automotive represents a small percentage of electronics distributors'...

April 07, 2021 05:11 PM

April 01, 2021

Japan's Hitachi acquires GlobalLogic for $9.6 billion

ABC - Technology -- Japanese industrial, electronic and construction conglomerate Hitachi Ltd

April 01, 2021 12:57 AM

March 31, 2021

Recovery: Global Economy Expected to Grow Nearly 6% in 2021 | Weekly News Roundup for March 31, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: businesses eye bold post-pandemic growth plans; EV shipments topped 2.5 million units in 2020; battery technology could be the next battleground in the climate change war - plus other news from the global electronics industry.

March 31, 2021 10:50 PM

Apple supplier Foxconn warns that component shortages will last until 2022

Tech -- The Verge - The ongoing global shortage for electronic components continues, and Foxconn - which handles manufacturing for Apple, among other major tech heavyweights - has announced...

March 31, 2021 09:29 PM

March 26, 2021

Analysts Expect European AI Spending to Reach $12 Billion | Weekly News Roundup for March 24, 2021

Distribution -- TTI MarketEye - This week: tracking the impact of the Renesas fab fire on the automotive supply chain; another EV maker announces a massive new supercharger network; the U.S. military looks to non-lethal defense systems for drones - and other headlines...

March 26, 2021 06:15 PM

March 24, 2021

How the Electronics Industry is Overcoming COVID19

Media -- eBOM - In relation to COVID19, what was the biggest hurdle your organisation overcame?

The biggest challenge we faced was the safety of our staff. Laboratory activities continued with essential staff, and to ensure their safety we introduced strict social...

March 24, 2021 12:12 AM

March 21, 2021

IBM Celebrates Global Women Leaders Shaping the Future of AI for Business

Electronics -- IBM - Microelectronics - IBM's annual Women Leaders in AI program honors 40 professionals from 18 countries using AI to drive innovation

March 21, 2021 05:00 AM

Time is running out to submit your entry to this year's Electronics Industry Awards

Media -- Components in Electronics - The Electronics Industry Awards is the leading scheme for the recognition of excellence from across the sector. With this year's entry deadline of Friday 2 April fast approaching, time is running out for you to put yourself...

March 21, 2021 04:25 AM

March 17, 2021

Electronic Warfare Market To Be Worth USD 26,260 mn by 2026 at CAGR 2.6%

Media -- ELE Times - The Global Electronic Warfare Market size is forecasted to attain USD 26,260 Million by 2026, from USD 21,880 Million in 2019, at a CAGR of 2.6% during the projection period 2021-2026.

Major factors driving the growth of electronic warfare...

March 17, 2021 02:30 AM

March 15, 2021

70% of enterprises on way to Internet-based operation without offices, says Ericsson Taiwan

Media -- DIGITIMES - About 70% of the world's companies are on their way to getting rid of physical offices, according to Chafic Nassif, president for Ericsson Taiwan.

March 15, 2021 10:49 PM

March 14, 2021

Europe 2030 plan touches on semiconductors, quantum computing

Media -- eeNews Europe - The European Commission has presented its 2030 Digital Compass plan which covers ambitions for the increasing digitalization of society and infrastructure.

And within it the Commission has stated the ambition that it wants to be...

March 14, 2021 01:40 AM

March 08, 2021

Celebrating International Women's Day 2021

Justmeans -- FSG is celebrating women in leadership this International Women's Day, March 8. Regardless of where you are in the world, we are happy to share these gender equity resources with you.

March 08, 2021 01:21 AM