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May 25, 2020

Fitbit launches a COVID-19 early detection study, and you can join from the Fitbit app

Tech -- TechCrunch - Fitbit's activity-tracking wearable devices are already being used by a number of academic institutions to determine if they might...

May 25, 2020 03:09 AM

A common drug that costs $25 a month may save coronavirus patients' lives

Tech -- BGR - A common blood pressure drug that's been used by millions of people might reduce the risk in coronavirus patients of severe respiratory...

May 25, 2020 03:08 AM

Chrome 83 is rolling out and full of changes big and small

Tech -- Chrome Unboxed - Chrome OS 83 is now rolling out to Windows, MacOS, and Linux with Chrome OS 83 on the way next week. In light of the pandemic,...

May 25, 2020 03:05 AM

T-Mobile will provide free wireless service to first responder agencies for 10 years

Tech -- GeekWire - T-Mobile said it will save first responder agencies up to $7.7 billion over the next 10 years with a new initiative that provides...

May 25, 2020 03:03 AM

Exercise improves memory and boosts blood flow to brain

Life -- Neuroscience News - Following a one year program of aerobic exercise improves memory function and boosts blood flow to brain areas critical for...

May 25, 2020 02:48 AM

14 Must-Have Items for Your Home Emergency Kit

Life -- Kiplinger - Emergency season got off to an early start in 2020. Though the Atlantic Hurricane season officially starts on June 1, the first named...

May 25, 2020 02:48 AM

How to meaningfully reconnect with those who have dementia | Anne Basting

Life -- TEDTalks Videos - By incorporating art and creativity into elder care settings, gerontologist Anne Basting helps families reconnect with loved...

May 25, 2020 02:47 AM

Recessions scar young people their entire lives, even into retirement

Life -- Phys.org - It is well-established that recessions hit young people the hardest.

May 25, 2020 02:47 AM

Cancer researchers gain valuable insights through a comprehensive review of Clioquinol

Life -- EurekAlert - Researchers at Karmanos Cancer Institute of Wayne State University compiled the latest cancer research on clioquinol (CQ), an anti-fungal/anti-protozoal...

May 25, 2020 02:45 AM

A nanostructure that stimulates growth of stem cells for Parkinson's disease treatment

Life -- Phys.org - Researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have invented a nanostructure that can stimulate neural stem cells to differentiate...

May 25, 2020 02:33 AM

New mobile health tool measures hemoglobin without drawing blood

Life -- Phys.org - Researchers have developed a way to use smartphone images of a person's eyelids to assess blood hemoglobin levels. The ability to...

May 25, 2020 02:32 AM

Healthcare rationing could see 'unlawful deaths' from COVID-19, researchers claim

Life -- EurekAlert - Current medical guidelines risk unlawful deaths of patients -- with doctors, hospitals, and even the government potentially liable...

May 25, 2020 02:31 AM

More Americans Venturing Out in Public; Most Still Isolating

Life -- Gallup Headlines - The percentage of Americans who said they avoided small gatherings or public places declined eight and six points last week,...

May 25, 2020 02:30 AM

Need a Whole Solution for Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease?

Life -- Psychology Today - The 40 million unpaid caregivers of people with dementia and their paid colleagues are heroes on the front lines of COVID-19....

May 25, 2020 02:29 AM

How Walmart Is Preparing For Consumers' Long-Term Shift To Digital

Media -- PYMNTS.com - That consumers have relocated their lives online in response to the pandemic is an easily visible fact when you look at earnings...

May 25, 2020 01:44 AM

Democrats Want Probe Of Possible Uber-Grubhub Merger

Media -- PYMNTS.com - Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Min.) wants officials to look into potential antitrust violations involving Uber's possible acquisition of...

May 25, 2020 01:12 AM

Brett J. Hart Named President of United Airlines

Justmeans -- As President of United, Hart will continue to lead the company's public advocacy strategy and manage United's industry leading environmental...

May 25, 2020 12:28 AM

May 24, 2020

Top 500 retailers adapt to a new era of ecommerce

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - 2019 was a solid year for North American ecommerce and a better year for the Top 500 online retailers as ranked by web...

May 24, 2020 11:18 PM

Amazon triples its private‑label product offerings in 2 years

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - Amazon.com Inc. has dramatically increased the number of products it offers from its in-house brands and is expanding...

May 24, 2020 11:17 PM

COVID-19 Patients' Right to Privacy Against Quarantine Surveillance

Infosec -- EFF Deeplinks - Governments around the world are using surveillance technologies to monitor whether COVID-19 patients are complying with instructions...

May 24, 2020 11:16 PM

Virgin Orbit sets first orbital launch for May 24

Tech -- TechCrunch - Virgin Orbit has been preparing for this moment for years, but it's now officially ready to launch its small satellite delivery...

May 24, 2020 11:09 PM

A City Locks Down to Fight Coronavirus, but Robots Come and Go

Tech -- NY Times Technology - Like many other places, a community 50 miles outside London went into quarantine. A fleet of delivery robots has been helping...

May 24, 2020 10:32 PM

Judge clears the way for salvagers to open up the Titanic and retrieve Marconi radio

Tech -- GeekWire - The Titanic sank during its maiden voyage in 1912.

A federal judge says RMS Titanic Inc....

May 24, 2020 10:06 PM

New Galaxy Note 20 leak sheds light on Samsung's next-gen phablet

Tech -- BGR - Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 is set to arrive later this year.

Samsung's next-gen phablet will reportedly ship with a 108-megapixel shooter...

May 24, 2020 10:05 PM

Blood test may help predict whose multiple sclerosis will get worse

Life -- Neuroscience News - A new blood test can help predict which patients with multiple sclerosis will see a decline in their condition over 12 months....

May 24, 2020 10:04 PM

What Retirees Must Know About Telehealth

Life -- Kiplinger - The coronavirus has elevated the benefits and potential savings of telehealth like nothing before.

May 24, 2020 10:04 PM

Medicare Now Covers Telehealth, Thanks to This Pandemic

Life -- Kiplinger - Many private health insurers have offered telehealth for several years, but Medicare lagged behind covering the service.

May 24, 2020 10:03 PM

Link between diesel exhaust and risk of Parkinson's discovered

Life -- Neuroscience News - Researchers have uncovered the process by which air pollution can damage brain cells, leading to an increased risk of Parkinson's...

May 24, 2020 10:02 PM

'Anti-ageing' protein shown to slow cell growth is key in longevity - new research

Life -- Phys.org - Humans are living longer than ever before. But alongside these increases in life expectancy are an increase in the occurrence of age-related...

May 24, 2020 10:02 PM

New test strip preserves clues that blood tests often miss

Life -- Phys.org - A new synthetic paper for finger prick blood tests could provide accurate point-of-care diagnostics for cancer, COVID-19 and other...

May 24, 2020 10:01 PM

1 in 5 Hospitalized NYC COVID Patients Needed ICU

Life -- WebMD - More than one-fifth of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in New York City have critical illness, and nearly 80% of critically ill patients...

May 24, 2020 10:01 PM

Annie and John Glenn Arrive for the Gemini IV Flight

Life -- NASA Image of the day - Annie and John Glenn arrive at the Mission Control Center for the Gemini IV launch on June 4, 1965. John Glenn was the...

May 24, 2020 10:00 PM

7 Reasons You Could Get Stimulus Money With 2020 Tax Refund

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - If your coronavirus check is long gone, you could have more stimulus money coming your way next year, even if Congress doesn't...

May 24, 2020 10:00 PM

A Strategy For Buying Into A Bear Market

Life -- The Retirement Manifesto - Buying into a bear market is a tricky thing, and the volatility we've experienced this year is enough to test anyone's...

May 24, 2020 09:55 PM

Half of U.S. Grads Treated With Respect by Fellow Students

Life -- Gallup Headlines - Half of recent college graduates say their fellow students treated them with respect. Black and Asian graduates and those...

May 24, 2020 09:55 PM

Americans Remain More Liberal Socially Than Economically

Life -- Gallup Headlines - Americans remain more likely to identify as social and economic conservatives or moderates than liberals.

May 24, 2020 09:55 PM

Posters of the Solar System

Life -- Astronomy Picture of the Day - Would you like a NASA astronomy-exploration poster?

May 24, 2020 09:53 PM

Why one US state will have two coronavirus tracing apps

Think -- MIT Technology Review - The news: North Dakota was one of the first American states to launch a coronavirus contact tracing app in April. Now,...

May 24, 2020 09:49 PM

Apple and Google's covid tracing tech has been released to 22 countries

Think -- MIT Technology Review - Apple and Google are releasing their much-anticipated "exposure notification" technology to help global health authorities...

May 24, 2020 09:46 PM

Your People Need Care, Not a Battle Cry

Think -- MIT Sloan Management Review - "We are at war," French President Emmanuel Macron said gravely in one...

May 24, 2020 09:46 PM

How to stay sane when the world's going mad

Think -- MIT Technology Review - Take a deep breath. Now, tell me ... how are you feeling? There are no wrong answers, and no one else needs to know....

May 24, 2020 09:45 PM

Target's Digital Sales Soar 141 Pct In Q1 As Pandemic Shifts Business Online

Media -- PYMNTS.com - Target reported on Wednesday (May 20) that it had a very busy first quarter as consumers flocked to its website to stock up in preparation...

May 24, 2020 09:39 PM

Deep Dive: Contactless Payments And Touch-Free Ordering: How QSRs Are Reopening Their Storefronts

Media -- PYMNTS.com - Approximately 30,000 U.S. restaurants have permanently shuttered operations, and more than 110,000 anticipated closing their doors...

May 24, 2020 09:37 PM

A Tsunami of Dementia Could Be On the Way

Scientific American -- The COVID-19 pandemic can damage the aging brain both directly and indirectly

May 24, 2020 03:45 AM

Why coronavirus is causing a massive amount of food waste

Media -- CNBC - Tech - The coronavirus has massively disrupted the food supply chain. Many farmers who sold produce to restaurants have found themselves...

May 24, 2020 03:12 AM

Covis initiates U.S. asthma inhaler study for COVID-19

Media -- Reuters - Health - Unlisted Covis Pharma B.V. started a late-stage U.S. randomized trial of its asthma drug Alvesco in non-hospitalized patients...

May 24, 2020 03:11 AM

NASA Remembers Annie Glenn

Military -- NASA - The following is a statement on the passing of Annie Glenn, wife of former NASA astronaut Sen. John Glenn:

May 24, 2020 02:45 AM

US ecommerce sales jump 14.5% in Q1, but numbers are too early to show full coronavirus impact

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - As the spread of the coronavirus in the United States picked up steam and signs of a growing global health and economic...

May 24, 2020 02:44 AM

Walmart.com sales surge 74% in Q1 as curbside pickup grows

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - Walmart Inc.'s U.S. ecommerce sales shot up by 74% in the first quarter ended May 1 as the coronavirus outbreak drove...

May 24, 2020 02:43 AM

Pier 1 to permanently shut retail stores

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - Pier 1 Imports Inc., No. 99 in the 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000, said it would seek bankruptcy court...

May 24, 2020 02:43 AM