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June 26, 2019

Synopsys and Arm enable tapeouts for mobile processors

Enterprise -- ChannelLife New Zealand - New solution to enable faster time-to-market for smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices.

June 26, 2019 04:05 PM

You Don't Need Sight to Read These Electronic Schematics

Electronics -- IEEE Spectrum - Lauren Race has refined circuit symbols for use in tactile diagrams

June 26, 2019 04:02 PM

Microchip Introduces First Clock Buffers to Meet DB2000Q/QL Standards Plus PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5 Low Jitter Specifications

Electronics -- Microchip - Product - Microchip Introduces First Clock Buffers to Meet DB2000Q/QL Standards Plus PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5 Low Jitter Specifications

June 26, 2019 03:59 PM

June 25, 2019

ARM(r) Announces New cARMa(r) Features for Unparalleled Visibility into Network Environments

PR Newswire -- ARM(r) Data Center Software, the most innovative network inventory company, today announced the availability of new cARMa(r) features including...

June 25, 2019 04:21 PM

Minimizing input power protection for smart speakers and smart displays

Electronics -- TI - Power House - Smart speakers continue to enhance our homes with cutting-edge voice-recognition artificial intelligence and premium sound...

June 25, 2019 03:44 PM

Global PCB market is expected to reach $89.7 billion by 2024

Media -- According to a new market report published by Lucintel, the future of the PCB market looks promising with ...

June 25, 2019 04:39 AM

No one has engineered a lower price

Media -- eBOM - The Arduino Engineering Kit is quite something.

Combining the power of the Arduino MKR1000 development board and the MATLAB and Simulink...

June 25, 2019 04:39 AM

June 24, 2019

FPGA Soft CPU is Superscalar

EE -- Hackaday - We will admit it: mostly when we see a homebrew CPU design on an FPGA, it is a simple design that wouldn't raise any eyebrows in the...

June 24, 2019 04:43 PM

Premier Farnell Announces Launch of Ground-breaking Raspberry Pi 4 Computer

Distribution -- Element 14 - Premier Farnell, the Development Distributor, today announced the launch of the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Computer, the most powerful...

June 24, 2019 04:04 PM

Factoring Reliability Into Chip Manufacturing

Media -- Semiconductor Engineering - Making chips that can last two decades is possible, even if it's developed at advanced process nodes and is subject...

June 24, 2019 01:36 AM

Digi International IoT Global Conference Awards Recognize Groundbreaking IoT Innovators and Leaders

Media -- eBOM - Digi International(r), (NASDAQ: DGII, www.digi.com), a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services,...

June 24, 2019 01:29 AM

June 23, 2019

VIDEO: Bluetooth-enabled skin temperature patch demo

Electronics -- TI - ConnecTIng Wirelessly - In this Connect series demo, Brandon shows us how to use our new high-precision digital temperature sensor, TMP117,...

June 23, 2019 10:58 PM

New ways to design and implement user interfaces in dishwashers

Electronics -- TI - MSP430 - Dishwasher products have evolved from a luxury appliance into an essential kitchen appliance for most households. While dishwasher...

June 23, 2019 10:51 PM

New FPGA server 'offers twice the typical density in compute and network resources'

IT Reseller -- BittWare, a Molex company, will introduce the TeraBox 1400B server supporting four double-width FPGA boards in a 1U high rackmount chassis at...

June 23, 2019 10:15 PM

Fingerprint on Card Technology: How to manufacture a stable product while containing costs

Electronics -- NXP Blog - Note: This is one in a series of blogs about Fingerprint on Card technology. To view the full series, click here.


June 23, 2019 07:44 PM

Emerging device by the fusion of IGZO and ferroelectric-HfO2

Life -- EurekAlert - Ferroelectric FET (FeFET) is a promising memory device because of its low-power, high-speed and high-capacity. Toward 3D integration...

June 23, 2019 04:56 AM

June 21, 2019

How to manage coefficient of thermal expansion in automotive designs

Electronics -- TI - Behind the Wheel - Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is a way of describing how an object, material or liquid changes size with temperature....

June 21, 2019 03:35 PM

Adaptive LED Current Ripple Suppressor from Diodes Incorporated Enables High Power Factor and Flicker-Free Professional LED Lighting

Electronics -- Diodes Inc - Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the availability of the AL5822 LED current ripple suppressor, which provides...

June 21, 2019 03:33 PM

June 19, 2019

MathWorks Enhances Academic Research with New Unlimited Scaling and Collaboration Opportunities in MATLAB

Business Wire -- MathWorks offers expanded access to MATLAB Parallel Server to help speed academic research.

June 19, 2019 05:51 PM

Intel Offers Computer-Powered 'Echolocation' Tech and Artificial Intelligence Research at CVPR 2019

Electronics -- Intel - Intel is presenting a series of research papers at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. The research has the potential...

June 19, 2019 04:17 PM

June 17, 2019

X-Fab and Efabless announce Raven open-source RISC-V microcontroller

Media -- DIGITIMES - X-Fab Silicon Foundries, an analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, and crowd-sourcing IC platform partner Efabless, has announced...

June 17, 2019 03:55 AM

Why Chips Are Getting Noisier

Media -- Semiconductor Engineering - In the past, designers only had to worry about noise for sensitive analog portions of a design. Digital circuitry...

June 17, 2019 01:01 AM

Banana Pi BPI-M4 is a $38 single-board computer with 4K video support

Tech -- Liliputing - At first glance, the Banana Pi BPI-M4 looks like a Raspberry Pi 3 clone. And it kind of is - the single-board computer even has...

June 17, 2019 12:04 AM

June 16, 2019

Teledyne e2v's Emerald 67M, Ultra-high Resolution Image Sensor Now Available

Electronics -- E2V - The sensor uses TowerJazz's best-in-class 2.5um global shutter pixel that doubles the resolution for the same optical format


June 16, 2019 02:11 AM

USB Type-C Port Switch from Diodes Incorporated Enables Latest Mobile Devices to Continue Supporting Legacy Data and Audio Signals

Electronics -- Diodes Inc - Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the PI3A6386 USB Type-C(tm) multimedia port switch, designed to enable manufacturers...

June 16, 2019 02:10 AM

Synopsys Achieves ISO 9001 Certification for IP Quality Management System

EE -- Synopsys - Continuous Commitment to Development of High-quality DesignWare IP Lowers Risk and Accelerates Time-to-Market for SoC Designs

June 16, 2019 01:15 AM

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Micro Speakers with Maxim's DSM Smart Amplifier

Media -- Electronics Maker - MAX98390 5.1W Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) Smart Amplifier integrates speaker protection to deliver up to 2.5x loudness...

June 16, 2019 12:46 AM

PTC Supercharges Vuforia Augmented Reality Platform with New Technology, Acquisition, Customers, and Collaborations

Business Wire -- PTC announces new initiatives to fuel its AR business and strengthen the award-winning Vuforia Augmented Reality (AR) platform.

June 16, 2019 12:35 AM

Spirit Electronics and EPC to Provide Data Packs for eGaN(r) Power Devices

Business Wire -- Spirit Electronics announces a partnership with EPC to provide an expanded range of manufacturing lot-specific data services for their...

June 16, 2019 12:34 AM

June 15, 2019

6 ways to make enterprise IoT cost effective

Enterprise -- Network World News - There's little question that the internet of things (IoT) holds enormous potential for the enterprise, in everything from...

June 15, 2019 10:52 PM

June 14, 2019

AMD Announces 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X 7nm Desktop CPU

Tech -- ExtremeTech - AMD announced its new 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X at E3 this week. 7nm has been exceedingly good to the company.

June 14, 2019 04:39 PM

Arm Cortex M23-Based MCUs Feature FreeRTOS Kernel Support

EE -- Circuit Cellar - Nuvoton Technology has announced that it is demonstrating the capability of FreeRTOS kernel support with the NuMicro M2351 Series....

June 14, 2019 03:56 PM

Secure Wi-Fi MCU Provides IoT Connectivity Solution

EE -- Circuit Cellar - Espressif Systems has announced the release of the ESP32-S2 Secure Wi-Fi MCU, a highly integrated, low-power, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi...

June 14, 2019 03:56 PM

MCUs with EtherCAT Target Industrial Applications

EE -- Circuit Cellar - Renesas Electronics has introduced the RX72M Group of RX MCUs featuring an EtherCAT slave controller for industrial Ethernet...

June 14, 2019 03:56 PM

An Executive's Guide to Enterprise Digital Transformation with IoT

TMCnet -- IoT implementation is clearly growing, with more and more businesses seeking new solutions; however it can at first be a challenge to grasp the...

June 14, 2019 03:51 PM

June 13, 2019

PTC Widens Solution Portfolio on Microsoft Azure to Accelerate Customers' Digital Transformation

Business Wire -- PTC announces expansion of strategic alliance with Microsoft by delivering its Windchill PLM solution on Microsoft Azure.

June 13, 2019 04:57 PM

Building Connected Experiences Starts with IoT's 3 Core Business Scenarios

Think -- Forrester Blogs - Clients often ask us - how does IoT or smart home technology affect my market and company? Arielle, Annalise and I worked with...

June 13, 2019 04:52 PM

June 12, 2019

System basis chips 101: A beginner's guide to CAN, CAN FD and LIN SBCs

Electronics -- TI - Analog Wire - What is a system basis chip (SBC)?

SBCs are simply integrated circuits that integrate Controller Area Network (CAN) or Local...

June 12, 2019 05:02 PM

June 10, 2019

Teradyne ships its 4,000th 'Eagle' semiconductor test system to MPS

Media -- Robotics and Automation News - Teradyne says it has shipped its 4,000th Eagle Test System, hitting a new sales success milestone for its Eagle...

June 10, 2019 05:56 PM

#446 - An Interview with Pete Bevelacqua

The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast -- Pete Bevelacqua joins Chris to talk about antenna design and testing at companies like Apple, Boeing and Nest. Pete reviews what is required...

June 10, 2019 04:14 PM

Analog Devices' New Multi-Channel, Mixed-Signal RF Converter Platform Expands Call Capacity

Media -- eBOM - Analog Devices, Inc. introduced a mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) RF data converter platform that combines high-performance analog and digital...

June 10, 2019 04:08 PM

PTC Extends Windchill PLM Platform by Integrating Requirements, Systems and Software Engineering Capabilities

Business Wire -- PTC (NASDAQ:PTC) today announced from the sold-out LiveWorx(r)19 digital transformation conference the enhancement of...

June 10, 2019 04:04 PM

Getting started with deep learning models on Arm Cortex-A with MATLAB

Electronics -- ARM Tools - MathWorks enables engineers to get started quickly and makes ML possible without having to become an expert. Learn about the power...

June 10, 2019 03:35 PM

Single-Port USB Smart Hub ICs Optimize System Costs for Automotive Manufacturers

Electronics -- Microchip - Product - Single-Port USB Smart Hub ICs Optimize System Costs for Automotive Manufacturers

June 10, 2019 03:35 PM

Dead Bug Arduino Is Lively And Shield-Compatible

EE -- Hackaday - Microcontroller demo boards such as the Arduino UNO are ubiquitous on Hackaday as the brains of many a project which inevitably does...

June 10, 2019 02:04 AM

Altium Releases Altium Designer 19.1 and Free Tool for Online Design Visualization

Media -- EDACafe - Altium Designer 19.1 incorporates customer-driven enhancements in stability and performance

June 10, 2019 01:41 AM

New multicore STM32MP1 microprocessor with Linux OS now available

Media -- eBOM - STM32MP1 microprocessor series with dual Arm(r) Cortex(r)-A7 and Cortex(r)-M4 Cores

A general-purpose microprocessor portfolio enabling...

June 10, 2019 01:40 AM

June 09, 2019

ABB pilots industrial AI application using 5G

EE -- Enterprise IoT Insights - ABB said it is currently piloting what it claims to be the world's first industrial artificial intelligence application...

June 09, 2019 06:52 AM