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September 19, 2017

GaN reliability standards reach milestone

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Power House - Design engineers faced with the challenges of reduced space and increased power demands are embracing gallium nitride (GaN)...

September 19, 2017 05:38 PM

"Trust, but verify" SPICE model accuracy, part 3: slew rate and input clamping diodes

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Analog Wire - Previous installments of this blog post series discussed the need to verify SPICE model accuracy and how to measure common-mode...

September 19, 2017 05:38 PM

Ascatron Unveils its First SiC Power Semiconductor

Electronics Purchasing Strategies -- Ascatron provides next generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors using its proprietary 3DSiC(r) technology with a quality and performance...

September 19, 2017 05:36 PM

Distributed Computing's New Frontier is Wearables

Electronics -- ARM IoT - Wearables such as Lumo Bodytech devices are a new frontier for distributed computing, leveraging machine learning.(read more)

September 19, 2017 04:43 PM

Interview with the physicist who has advanced wireless power

Electronics -- EPC - Alex Lidow is CEO and co-founder of Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, has demonstrated the ability to transmit power from large surfaces.

September 19, 2017 04:40 PM

Modeling of Electromechanical Sensors & Systems

Electronics -- IEEE Spectrum - In this webinar, PZFlex will explore and analyze some of the common pain-points, in complex device design and present pragmatic...

September 19, 2017 04:38 PM

Using Portable Stimulus in the Arm World: Creating bare-metal SW coherency scenarios

Electronics -- ARM SoC - In this blog we will dig a little deeper into what PSLib supports and how it can be used Out-of-the-box to create a rich variety of...

September 19, 2017 04:37 PM

September 18, 2017

ADAMOS: Taking the IIoT into New Dimensions

SupplyChain -- Software AG - ADAMOS, a new strategic alliance for machine and plant engineering, is going to take the Industrial Internet of Things...

September 18, 2017 04:46 PM

Hardware Pioneers to host second IoT showcase in London

Components in Electronics -- October event to gather latest Internet of Things start-ups and established IoT technology providers to showcase latest technologies Following...

September 18, 2017 04:31 PM

SMIC, Brite Semiconductor and Synopsys Collaborate to Deliver Low Power Platform for the Internet of Things

PR Newswire: Computer Software -- IoT Platform Accelerates Designs for IoT Edge Devices with Synopsys Silicon-Proven ARC Data Fusion IP Subsystem, Brite ASIC Design Services,...

September 18, 2017 03:24 PM

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) Receives 2017 Top 10 Power Products Award from Electronic Products China Magazine/21iC Media

Electronics -- EPC - EPC's latest family of eGaN (r) transistors and ICs takes a quantum leap in increasing Performance while reducing costs for new and...

September 18, 2017 03:01 PM

Five Challenges Engineers Face in Power Supply Design

Electronics360 -- In some cases, an existing power supply can be readily adapted from a different application. In other cases, it may be necessary to develop a...

September 18, 2017 02:14 AM

Amazon deal opens use of accelerated Xilinx FPGA software design

ElectronicsWeekly -- Xilinx has made its software defined development environment, SDAccel available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means it will be used with...

September 18, 2017 02:14 AM

September 17, 2017

Craftsman 30W Solder Iron for $4 + pickup at Sears

Deals -- DealNews - Sears offers the Craftsman 30-watt Solder Iron for $4.42. Opt for in-store pickup to dodge the $6.25 shipping charge. That's $2 under...

September 17, 2017 09:39 PM

September 15, 2017

600V Super-Junction Power Modules from STMicroelectronics Add New Package Options and Features to Simplify Motor Drives -

WebWire - Semiconductors -- New SLLIMM(tm)-nano intelligent power modules (IPM) from STMicroelectronics introduce extra package options and...

September 15, 2017 05:46 PM

When you're thinking IoT expansion, think horizontal

ReadWriteCloud -- In the next interview in our series on the IoT ecosystem, we tackle what enterprise market participants need to consider when using IoT to help...

September 15, 2017 04:44 PM

Next-Generation GaN HEMTs Deliver Unmatched Efficiency

PowerPulse.Net -- Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, has introduced a new series of 28V GaN HEMT RF power devices. These new devices are capable of higher frequency operation...

September 15, 2017 04:30 PM

JEDEC Committee to set Standards for WBG Power Semiconductors

PowerPulse.Net -- JEDEC Solid State Technology Association today announced the formation of a new JEDEC committee: JC-70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion...

September 15, 2017 04:30 PM

IoT product development hinges on seamless communication among things, says UL

DigiTimes -- Development of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications hinges on seamless communication among connected things, according to Underwriters Laboratories...

September 15, 2017 04:23 PM

PTC to Exhibit at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Business Wire: Engineering News -- PTC announced it will demonstrate how IoT is enabling new business models and creating value across the industry at IoT Solutions World...

September 15, 2017 04:00 PM

Getting started with PMBus

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Power House - I'm working as a product marketing engineer intern, and immediately received several tasks working with many different devices...

September 15, 2017 03:31 PM

The IoT is Here; What  are you Waiting for?

SupplyChain -- Software AG - As the Isley Brothers once sang: "It's your thing, do what you wanna do."

September 15, 2017 03:12 AM

September 14, 2017

Microchip introduces the industry's first MCU with integrated 2D GPU and DDR2 memory for groundbreaking graphics capabilities

Components in Electronics -- Key Facts: PIC32MZ DA MCUs simplify graphics design for 24-bit colour and large display sizes using MPLAB(r) tools and support Combines MPU-like...

September 14, 2017 05:47 PM

Xilinx SDAccel available on AWS

ElectronicsWeekly -- The Xilinx software defined development environment, SDAccel, is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for use with Amazon Elastic Compute...

September 14, 2017 05:46 PM

JEDEC committee formed for wide bandgap semis

ElectronicsWeekly -- JEDEC has formed a new committee - JC-70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion Semiconductors. Led by interim chairs from Infineon, TI,...

September 14, 2017 05:45 PM

Chip Execs More Bullish on EUV

EETimes -- Most chips execs believe EUV lithography will be used in volume production before 2021 but mask costs continue to rise, two surveys said.

September 14, 2017 05:38 PM

Reduce Time to Market for FPGA-Based Communication and Datacenter Applications

All Programmable Planet -- As FPGA-based realizations become bigger and more complex, synthesis tools that deliver an automated flow are the obvious choice for creating...

September 14, 2017 05:14 PM

Mentor extends solutions to support TSMC 7nm FinFET Plus and 12nm FinFET process technologies

Mentor Graphics -- Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced certification for TSMC's 12nm FinFET Compact Technology (12FFC) and the latest version of 7nm FinFET...

September 14, 2017 05:13 PM

Omron to showcase sensors for smart buildings at UK Construction Week

Neesham PR -- Omron Electronic Components Europe is to demonstrate a new range of IoT ready sensors...

September 14, 2017 04:54 PM

Amp'ed Announces It Has Received RED Certification

PR Newswire: Business Technology -- Worldwide provider of advanced IoT wireless modules, Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology announces European Union Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certification...

September 14, 2017 04:48 PM

Taoglas Launches New Filter Division to Meet Industry Need for High-Quality, Small-Form-Factor RF Filters

Business Wire: Nanotechnology -- Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT and M2M antenna products, today announced at Mobile World Congress Americas that it is launching a new RF...

September 14, 2017 04:48 PM

Cadence Delivers Design and Analysis Flow Enhancements for TSMC InFO and CoWoS(r) 3D Packaging Technologies

PR Newswire: Computer and Electronics -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced new capabilities that complete its holistic, integrated design flow for TSMC's advanced...

September 14, 2017 04:36 PM

Cadence Introduces the Conformal Smart Logic Equivalence Checker

PR Newswire: Business Technology -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced the Cadence(r) Conformal(r) Smart Logic Equivalence Checker (LEC), the next-generation...

September 14, 2017 04:36 PM

Cadence Appoints John Wall as Next Chief Financial Officer

PR Newswire: Business Technology -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced that John Wall, corporate vice president of finance and corporate controller of Cadence,...

September 14, 2017 04:35 PM

Mission Data Announces Launch of OpSense IoT Platform

PR Newswire: Networks -- Mission Data, leading developers of digital products, today announced OpSense, a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform that enables restaurants...

September 14, 2017 04:31 PM

IO-Link: The backbone of the smart factory

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Analog Wire - You've likely heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it not only connects your internet-enabled devices to each other,...

September 14, 2017 04:11 PM

Improve the performance of your power tool design with power blocks

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Motor Drive + Control - Appliances like power tools, garden tools and vacuum cleaners use low-voltage (two- to 10-cell) lithium-ion battery-powered...

September 14, 2017 04:10 PM

SEMI and SAE Announce Strategic Partnership

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- SEMI - The future of smart, self-driving cars means massive change for electronics suppliers, from advanced internal networks, to 5G communications...

September 14, 2017 04:10 PM

Pmod and Microcontroller Connection Guide: Part 2

EE -- Digilent Inc. - Put your Pmod to use with a microcontroller and Talesa's handy connection guide!

September 14, 2017 02:53 PM

Flip-Flop Qubit Could Make Silicon the King of Quantum Computing

Electronics -- IEEE Spectrum - A quantum computing breakthrough could rival the superconducting approach favored by Google and IBM

September 14, 2017 02:49 PM

September 13, 2017

Pasternack Launches New Relay Controlled Programmable Attenuators that Offer Precision Stepped Attenuation Levels up to 127 dB

PR Newswire: Computer and Electronics -- Pasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has released a new series of relay controlled programmable attenuators....

September 13, 2017 05:26 PM

Synopsys and TSMC Collaborate to Develop DesignWare Foundation IP for Low-Power TSMC 40-nm eFlash Processes

PR Newswire: Computer and Electronics -- DesignWare Logic Libraries offer power optimization kits, multi-bit flip-flops and ultra-low leakage standard cells to...

September 13, 2017 05:26 PM

Use an ULQ buck regulator for energy-efficient power products

ElectronicsNewsWire.com -- TI - Power House - Battery life has played a more and more important role in portable devices, contributing to the overall user experience....

September 13, 2017 05:10 PM

Trace Cortex-M software with the Instruction Trace Macrocell (ITM)

Electronics -- ARM Tools - Starting with version 11.1, Fast Models for Cortex-M provide the option of using the ITM for output and event tracing. This makes...

September 13, 2017 02:54 PM

Dialog Semiconductor Extends its Bluetooth(r) Low Energy Market Success to Automotive Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Electronics -- Dialog Semiconductor - SmartBond(tm) SoCs begin shipment for use in TPMS sensors, bringing Bluetooth connectivity to support new automotive safety...

September 13, 2017 02:54 PM

Imperas Virtual Platform Solutions at Arm TechCon Oct 2017

Electronics -- ARM Embedded - Imperas Software Ltd. will exhibit at the 2017 Arm TechCon and also participate in an embedded software panel discussion focused...

September 13, 2017 02:51 PM

September 12, 2017

What will it take to scale IOT globally?

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - With $1.8 trillion in potential global IOT revenue on the table, mobile network operators seek to extend robust connectivity options...

September 12, 2017 04:44 PM