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April 13, 2021

How to access and change Microsoft Teams settings

Tech -- Addictive Tips - Microsoft Teams is a complicated app to set up. The UI and its basic end-user controls are simple but managing a team, setting it up, creating and adding users, and managing user permissions and roles is a complicated process.


April 13, 2021 05:31 PM

Microsoft Dunks Servers Into Boiling Fluid to Cool Them Off

Tech -- ExtremeTech - Microsoft has been exploring innovative ways to cool its data center servers for some years now. In the past, the company has previously made waves for its offshore data center cooling using seawater via its Project Natick. Now, it's showing...

April 13, 2021 05:22 PM

April 12, 2021

A Year Into COVID-19, Global Study Reveals IT Leaders Have Increasing Impact on Employee Experience and Business Resilience

Business Wire -- Elastic (NYSE: ESTC) ("Elastic"), the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, today announced a new study that shows employee experience has become a new priority for IT leaders as they reinvent their infrastructures to support remote workforces....

April 12, 2021 04:45 PM

Microsoft reportedly wants to buy Siri's AI partner firm Nuance for $16B

Media -- The Next Web - New week, new Microsoft acquisition chatter. After reports of the tech giant acquiring gaming-focused communication platform Discord for more than $10 billion, rumors of it chasing speech AI company Nuance have emerged. According to a report...

April 12, 2021 04:37 PM

Azure Functions Weakness Allows Privilege Escalation

Infosec -- Threatpost - Microsoft's cloud-container technology allows attackers to directly write to files, researchers said.

April 12, 2021 02:34 AM

April 11, 2021

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache(r) DolphinScheduler(tm) as a Top-Level Project

Globe Newswire -- Technology - Open Source distributed Big Data visual workflow scheduler system in use at thousands of organizations, including Budweiser, China Unicom, IDG Capital, IBM China, JD.com, Lenovo, New Oriental, Nokia China, Qihoo 360, SF Express, and Tencent,...

April 11, 2021 03:56 AM

HashiCorp Releases Identity-based Security as a Service on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform

Globe Newswire -- Technology - HCP Vault is Now Generally Available for Secrets Management HCP Vault is Now Generally Available for Secrets Management

April 11, 2021 03:53 AM

Is RPA taking over the world?

SupplyChain -- Software AG - Emotive words like "bot" and "automation" can make you shudder in terror, with visions of machines taking over the world or snooping on you at work.

April 11, 2021 03:38 AM

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide IT Spending to Reach $4 Trillion in 2021

Business Wire -- Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $4.1 trillion in 2021, an increase of 8.4% from 2020, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. The source of funds for new digital business initiatives will more frequently come from business departments...

April 11, 2021 03:00 AM

Intel Launches Its Most Advanced Performance Data Center Platform

Business Wire -- Intel Corp. launches its most advanced, highest performance data center platform optimized to power the industry's broadest range of workloads.

April 11, 2021 02:52 AM

UiPath Partners with Seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Provide Automation Education

Business Wire -- UiPath has partnered with seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to help train students on Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

April 11, 2021 12:33 AM

April 07, 2021

Here's why Microsoft is submerging its servers in freaky-deeky fluids

Media -- The Next Web - Microsoft announced yesterday that it's now submerging servers in a special liquid at its data center located on the banks of the Columbia River. The company said it enables increased efficiency and fewer downtimes. How is the company doing...

April 07, 2021 06:07 PM

Supercomputer in Wyoming to Be Among World's Fastest

Media -- Electronics Maker - Wyoming will soon have a new supercomputer that ranks among the fastest in the world. This computer will help monitor phenomena like severe weather, wildfires, solar flares, and climate change events. This is a great way to utilize...

April 07, 2021 05:59 PM

Here's why Google's Supreme Court win over Oracle matters

Media -- Fast Company - Google and Oracle have been jousting in court for a decade over the use of the Java programming language in Google's Android operating system. Today the Supreme Court, in a 6-2 vote, ruled that Google's use of Java code was classified as...

April 07, 2021 01:59 AM

April 05, 2021

Red Hat Launches Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium

Business Wire -- Red Hat delivers new learning subscription to help drive greater development of cloud-native technology skills.

April 05, 2021 05:53 PM

Azure and Confluent: Real-Time Search Powered by Azure Cache for Redis, Spring Cloud

Enterprise -- Architects Zone - Self-managing a distributed system like Apache Kafka(r), along with building and operating Kafka connectors, is complex and resource-intensive. It requires significant Kafka skills and expertise in the development and operations teams...

April 05, 2021 05:49 PM

Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff to Participate in World Economic Forum's Global Technology Governance Summit 2021

PR Newswire -- Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced that Chair and CEO Marc Benioff, and event co-chair, will participate in the World Economic Forum's Global Technology Governance Summit taking place virtually from April 5-7,...

April 05, 2021 05:45 PM

Splunk Welcomes Teresa Carlson as President and Chief Growth Officer

Business Wire -- Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the Data-to-Everything Platform, today announced the appointment of Teresa Carlson, an executive with more than 25 years of industry experience and expertise in leading complex business transformations for premier...

April 05, 2021 05:22 PM

April 04, 2021

Microsoft revealed the latest truths about working from home. One is truly disturbing

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - As many drift from working from home to a more hybrid model, what has been lost? And who has really, really gained? Microsoft knows things aren't good.

April 04, 2021 10:01 PM

Different Streaming Strategies in Mule 4

Enterprise -- Architects Zone - In this article, we will go through one of the most important concepts of MuleSoft Streaming strategies.

There are three types of streaming strategies available in MuleSoft:

April 04, 2021 10:01 PM

3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Launch (Upcoming Livestream)

Electronics -- Intel - On April 6, 2021, Intel's Navin Shenoy, executive vice president in the Data Platforms Group, and Lisa Spelman, corporate vice president in the Xeon and Memory Group, will launch the latest 3rd Gen Intel(r) Xeon(r) Scalable processors (code-named...

April 04, 2021 02:00 AM

April 03, 2021

Microsoft pushes back 'full' Redmond campus reopening to September 7

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - Microsoft is now targeting September 7, at the earliest, as its 'full' reopening date for its Washington state offices, rather than July 6, as planned.

April 03, 2021 04:36 AM

Continued region expansion: Azure Data Factory just became generally available in two more regions

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Azure Data Factory is now available in two new regions: Norway East and UAE North

April 03, 2021 04:34 AM

Updated App Service Authentication portal experience is now generally available

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - The new Authentication portal experience for App Service and Azure Functions, improving usability, initial setup, and increased security, is now available."

April 03, 2021 04:24 AM

Azure Security Center: General availability updates for March 2021

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - New enhancements and updates released for general availability in Azure Security Center in March 2021.

April 03, 2021 04:23 AM

Azure Security Center: Public preview updates for March 2021

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Public preview enhancements and updates released for Azure Security Center in March 2021.

April 03, 2021 04:23 AM

Transforming Microsoft's corporate expense tools with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enterprise -- Microsoft IT Showcase - When it comes to employee expenses, Microsoft has quite a collection of corporate expense tools in its tool belt. Depending on your role, you might need different tools, all of which accomplish the same basic goal-reporting expenses...

April 03, 2021 04:22 AM

Does your enterprise data fit with your cloud native future?

Enterprise -- The Register - Join us with Red Hat and IBM - and find out how to deploy your workloads on Kubernetes and much more

Webcast The world of cloud native might look very different to traditional enterprise computing, with the promise of enhanced scalability,...

April 03, 2021 04:21 AM

New solutions for Oracle WebLogic on Azure Virtual Machines

Enterprise -- Microsoft Azure - We are announcing a major release for Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) on Azure Virtual Machines. The release is jointly developed with the WebLogic team as part of a broad-ranging partnership between Microsoft and Oracle. Software available...

April 03, 2021 04:21 AM

General availability: Azure Backup supports backup and restore of Azure Dedicated Host

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - To protect your valuable resources, Azure Backup now supports backup & restore of Azure Virtual Machines with dedicated host.

April 03, 2021 04:19 AM

Kubernetes at Edge, FinOps and Kubernetes, and Diversity: Share your thoughts with CNCF microsurveys

Enterprise -- Cloud Native Computing Foundation - The CNCF community is one of the largest open source ecosystems in the world. It is made up of knowledgeable doers working on the leading edge of cloud native. We're lucky to have such a robust community, and because...

April 03, 2021 04:04 AM

Public preview: Backup & restore of Azure VM Scale Sets with uniform and flexible orchestration is now supported

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Azure virtual machine scale sets provide the management capabilities for applications that run across many VMs, automatic scaling of resources, and load balancing of traffic. Scale set orchestration modes allow you to have greater control...

April 03, 2021 04:04 AM

General availability: Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop provides a centralized view of the health of your Windows Virtual Desktop environment and enables you to optimize your deployment and quickly troubleshoot issues.

April 03, 2021 04:04 AM

5 things we've learned after one year of working from home

Enterprise -- Silicon Republic - A whole year has gone by since the Government told employees across Ireland to work remotely to help minimise the spread of Covid-19. Now, as we reach one year of working from home, it's important that we reflect on what we've learned...

April 03, 2021 04:02 AM

Oracle offers to move clients to cloud for free

Enterprise -- CRN - As it tries to catch a new wave of potential cloud-computing clients.

April 03, 2021 04:00 AM

Build Better Helpdesk Chatbots

Think -- Forrester Blogs - I like Chatbots. I think they're neat, and hold immense promise - unfortunately, most of these bots I've interacted with haven't met the bar to be considered "useful." In fact, I would say a majority of chatbot experiences both myself...

April 03, 2021 03:14 AM

Microsoft won't fully reopen its offices until September 7th at the earliest

Tech -- The Verge - Microsoft is delaying the full reopening of its offices - the company's "Stage 6" phase of its hybrid workplace plan - until September 7th at the earliest. This marks a delay from its originally planned July window.

"Based on our continued...

April 03, 2021 03:09 AM

Code42 Expedites Insider Risk Response Using Automated Slack Workflows

Business Wire -- #Slack--Code42 is offering security analysts a new automated workflow in Slack that speeds alert triage and response to Insider Risk events.

April 03, 2021 02:05 AM

April 02, 2021

Soda monitors data and helps you fix issues before it's too late

Tech -- TechCrunch - Meet Soda, a data monitoring platform that is going to help you discover issues with your data processing setup. This way, you can react as quickly as possible and make sure that you keep the full data picture.

If you're building a digital-first...

April 02, 2021 06:49 PM

April 01, 2021

Reflections on the future of microservices

SupplyChain -- Software AG - Although microservices is a simple concept and solves so many problems, there seem to be some bumps in the road to implementation.

April 01, 2021 05:25 PM

Azure Cloud Is Transforming the Way We Run Our Businesses in 2021

SmartData Collective -- Utilizing cloud services is no longer an option for businesses- it is a necessity. In 2021, cloud computing infrastructure will dominate the IT space and take over business cloud services. However, it is important to understand the right cloud computing...

April 01, 2021 03:52 AM

Azure Sphere OS version 21.03 is now generally available

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - This quality release of the Azure Sphere OS includes bug fixes and updates to mitigate against the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) mentioned in the article.

April 01, 2021 03:49 AM

AlmaLinux, the $1M Drop-In CentOs Replacement, Is Out and Bound for Data Centers

Enterprise -- Data Center Knowledge - Its creator, CloudLinux, built the distribution at warp speed, racing to fill the void left by Red Hat's EOL announcement for CentOS.

April 01, 2021 03:48 AM

Cloudera Data Platform Available on Google Cloud

Enterprise -- VMblog - Cloudera announced the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is now available on Google Cloud. CDP is a hybrid and multi-cloud data and analytics platform...

April 01, 2021 03:48 AM

General availability: Networking for Key Vault references on Windows in App Service and Azure Functions

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Key Vault references in App Service and Azure Functions now support accessing vaults with network access controls from Windows apps with virtual network integrations.

April 01, 2021 03:47 AM

Public preview: Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server now connects with Azure CLI

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Now in public preview, use the 'connect' command for Azure CLI for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server to test connections and run basic queries.

April 01, 2021 03:46 AM

Public preview: Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server now connects with Azure CLI

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Now in public preview, use the 'connect' command for Azure CLI for Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server to test connections and run basic queries.

April 01, 2021 03:46 AM

General availability: Virtual machine (VM) level disk bursting available on all Dsv3 and Esv3 families

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Virtual machine (VM) level disk bursting enables your workloads to handle unforeseen disk traffic spikes smoothly without the need to overprovision your virtual machine. The feature is now enabled on all Dsv3-series and Esv3-series virtual...

April 01, 2021 03:46 AM

Public preview: Cognitive Services - Form Recognizer new features

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - Support for 73 languages, prebuilt ID model, invoice line item extraction, tagging as table, and lots more - Now in Azure Form Recognizer public preview, part of Azure Cognitive Services

April 01, 2021 03:46 AM

Public preview of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) run-command feature

Enterprise -- Azure Updates - You can now invoke commands in an AKS cluster for just-in-time access when you are not on the cluster private network.

April 01, 2021 03:46 AM